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> What happened with George Alec Effinger?

He has very poor health and staggering hospital bills.  He had to declare
bankruptcy and the asset the hospitals were awarded were his intellectual
property in the character and world he had created.  The stupid thing is
that the lawyers and hospital insist on taking all proceeds from those
works.  Thus, if he writes any further in that world, all the proceeds go to
the doctors.  Leaves him with little incentive to write them.  If they had a
brain between them, they'd work something out--after all, potential future
earnings beats guaranteed none and he's a relatively successful mid-list
author.  My understanding is that he's still wrangling over potential future
works, but I'm not sure--it's been four or five years since I heard anything
about it.  Seems to me that they'd have a hard time entailing stuff
post-bankruptcy, but you never know with so many lawyers involved.  It's a
further shame because it was a fascinating world that is pretty
relevant/timely because it was a cyber-punk world with a Muslim twist.  In
fact, I think I'll go re-read them.

Jacob Proffitt

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