Vlad Taltos (was Re: Hurrah for Hallie was Re Ender's Game)

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Fri Mar 28 21:49:57 EST 2003

Melissa wrote <

<(If we're all very, very good, we may end up
a full 17 volumes, one for
each House of the Cycle....)>

It's even better than that, just as  each book
Brust writes has not only 17 chapters but a
prologue and epilogue as well,  the Vlad Taltos
series is intended to run to 19 books, 17 named
after the houses, Taltos as the prologue and the
yet to be written "Last Contract" as the
epilogue. This doesn't seem to mean that LC hs to
be either written or published last. Anyhow, on
the subject of reading order I like to give
Taltos to people to read first followed by
Jhereg. That's the way I read them and I think it
builds you up to be impressed by some stuff in
Jhereg  and Yendi that would  make you go "Eh?"

It's a hugely ambitious project given the
vagaries of life/ publishing houses etc. Is
anyone else silly enough to worry that if Western
civilisation collapses (for any reason, not to be
topical)  they won't get to finish various


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