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><On the other hand, I may be moving more in-line
>with list
>sensibilities, as I got a loan of The Book of
>Jhereg from a
>Bookcrossing friend and really liked Jhereg.
>That's excellent, so, after  you have  read the
>other ten Vlad books, you will be ready to
>embrace correct thinking and try The Phoenix
>guards again.

LOL.  Although whether or not I'll *ever* be ready to embrace correct 
thinking on anything is a murky question! :-P

And admired Ven, sorry, but you set yourself up for this: if I'm to 
be ready to embrace correct thinking and try The Phoenix Guards 
again, the least you could do would be try Northanger Abbey again! 
:)   Your task might even be easier because I hated TPG all 
un-influencedly, while you had a teacher whom I will not criticise, 
but must side-swipe by saying that if *I* were teaching NA to a bunch 
of kids, I'd certainly point out the wildly subversive reading 
possible (could I be any less directive here?), and Austen's 
audacious jibes at the canon before any such thing had been defined. 
(Ok, I failed!  I was hoping to keep my reply to one punchy sentence, 
as you did. :)  )

Here, I'll leave you with a quote from NA (which much to my delight, 
fits perfectly in the introduction to my essay on Richard II, ):

... history, real solemn history, I cannot be interested in.  The 
quarrels of popes and kings, with wars and pestilences, in every 
page; the men all so good for nothing, and hardly any women at 
all....  I often think it odd that it should be so dull, for a good 
deal of it must be invention.

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