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>Hi, Hallie; I'm replying off-list because I'm on a different server... and
>DWJ list won;t accept my e-mails. You're welcome to forward this to the list
>if you like.
>My take on YA fiction is that it *usually* (not always) has YA characters as
>protagonists and the story voice is slanted towards YA reactions. Children
>react to news/events in one way, adults in another, YA in a kind of
>cross-bred fashion.
>Just as a couple of examples -
>A litter of pups for sale in the mall.
>Child reaction - "They're so cute! I want one. Mu-u-um?" The child
>visualises itself with the pup, playing, cuddling etc.
>Adult reaction - "They're cute. What will they grow in to? Will our resident
>dog be upset? Can we afford the time/ feed/ vet fees?" Adult visualises the
>pup growing up, seeing it as a 12-year + commitment/friend/relationship.
>YA reaction.  "They're so cute! I want one! I bet Mum will say it's too much
>trouble... damn, another lecture on responsibility..."  YA visualises self
>with dog... admiring glances from boys/girls, possible conversation
>starter... begins planning Parent campaign but knows, in back of mind, it's
>probably not going to happen.
>Family move to another state.
>Child reaction - "I don't want to leave my friends!"
>Adult reaction - "The upheaval will be bad, but the job prospects are much
>better... there's probably a golf club/ parent group/ gym. God, what about
>my (elderly) parents? Oh, Sister/brother can do something for a change..."
>YA reaction - "How could They do this to me? I won't fit in, I'll look like
>a dork... I won't go. I'll get a job, a flat - DAMN!"
>It's these differing reactions that slant the differences in books.
>By Sally Odgers By Request - visit my new project at
>http://sallyodgers.50megs.com/byrequest.htm and have your say.

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