_Summerland_ and Society

hallieod at indigo.ie hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Mar 28 07:16:01 EST 2003


>  >The fat characters and lit. discussion was great, I
>>thought, and if you (singular, Melissa, or emphatically plural) think
>>I've got porridge/oatmeal for brains for having this reaction to a
>>wonderful book, that's fine too.  My kids *regularly* think that! :-)
>Why would I think that?  I'm the one who didn't think _Dark Lord_ lived up
>to *my* expectations.   :)
>Actually I think it's interesting, myself, when I read a book that I know is
>good and that I just don't care for.  It's interesting to ferret out the
>reasons, because I generally learn more about reading that way.

Agreed.  Although _Summerland_ isn't in that category for me at all - 
I did care for it a lot.

>On the other hand, you might have porridge for brains because you can't take
>Thomas Hardy.... (hee hee)

I don't can't take Hardy!  Er.  Let me rephrase:  I've nothing 
against him - well, except what I have against him. :)  I've only 
read _The Mayor of Casterbridge_, eons ago, and _Far from the Madding 
Crowd_..  I loved FftMC, except that he continually got right up my 
nose by sticking stupid little down-putting remarks about women in 
the middle of the story.  Frustrating because he's created such an 
interesting character in Bathsheba.  ANYway, I've avoided Tess only 
because I don't care for tragedy, not because I dislike Hardy.


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