Merlin Conspiracy out early!

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Thu Mar 27 17:22:20 EST 2003

At 10:09  27/03/03 +1200, you wrote:
>Emma said:
> > Subject: Merlin Conspiracy out early!
> >
> >
> > Well, here in Brisbane anyway!
> >
> > I went into my favourite bookshop yesterday to buy Abhorsen and
> > nearly fell
> > over when I saw _Merlin Conspiracy_! What's better is that it has come
> > straight to paperback in Australia, and so is cheaper. Thought I'd let
> > everyone else know in case it's the same in other places.
>You are so lucky! I have been hounding my local bookshops, hoping to get
>hold of a copy in time for my sister's surprise birthday bash on the 12th of
>April (which she has organised, because how else are you going to get the
>surprise you want unless you organise it yourself?). But all the bookshops
>tell me they won't be able to get a copy until JUNE! I could order it from
>, but the postage is prohibitive. It will be cheaper to wait
>till June, I'm afraid. But maybe I'll keep trying - perhaps one will slip
>through somehow? I think I'll go back and nag Dymocks again - do you know if
>it was selling in Dymocks in Brisbane?

I gave Dymocks a call and they have plenty of copies in stock here, so it 
seems strange New Zealand won't have it for 3 months. But as Hallie said, 
why try to understand the way of publishers?
If Dymocks can't get it across for you, I'm happy to buy a copy and post it 
- it'll be heaps cheaper than getting it from the UK and our exchange rate 
is better too. Otherwise, I think the independent bookstore I got it at, 
Pulp Fiction, send books to NZ.


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