Naming things (was re: O/T Older Cars)

rganetzk at rganetzk at
Thu Mar 27 14:39:38 EST 2003

My computer is named reference to Fire and 
Hemlock, because a) I was desperate for a name, and that was 
the most recent thing I'd read at the time and b) I like the idea of 
being "Nowhere" when my computer is processing a request or 
trying to connect and then *poof* "Now here" when it finishes (Btb, 
I'm a Comp Sci major...I realise these things don't happen 
magically, but I like to pretend they do...less coding for me :)

Also...someone (Sally?) asked whether a DWJ book equated 
naming with bringing to life...the closest I can think of to that is 
Howl's Moving Castle, in which (MILD SPOILER WARNING) 
Sophie brings things to life by talking to them, and describing 
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