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Denise DeGraf mustang at sonic.net
Thu Mar 27 11:53:05 EST 2003

Jacob Proffitt danced around singing:
>Holy cow, you stole my tech setup!  I swear I'm using the exact same
>equipment (though I don't typically name my computers).

Oh, cool..!  I researched various companies & models for *months* before 
settling on the two Sony systems just recently, and I couldn't be happier 
with them.  Mordion is an ultraslim VAIO r505gl, Maree is a Clie NX60, both 
outfitted happily with wireless cards.  I love that they can both work with 
the same memory sticks -- enough that I'm hoping to get a Sony memory-stick 
based digital camera when I upgrade.  Only trouble is that they're not 
currently making one that fulfills my needs, i.e. is compact yet can handle 
indoor light or moving objects.

To tie this in a bit more towards DWJ... I'm currently wandering around 
Washington DC visiting bookstores, and I'm shocked at how much nicer the 
selection is in the various Borders here than in the Northern California 
stores where I live.  CA stores usually keep 1-2 DWJ titles in stock, but 
the ones here have *all* of them!  :^/  otoh, all of the CA stores have 
wireless 'net access, but none of the ones I've tried here do -- which is 
frustrating as I've gotten into the habit of looking authors/releases up on 
the web while wandering Borders back home.  Weird.

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