Merlin Conspiracy out early!

hallieod at hallieod at
Thu Mar 27 07:12:19 EST 2003


>on a whim after reading this i visited the merlin 
>conspiracy "ships in 2-3 days" ... into cart, click click click, 
>soon enough i will be enjoying the merlin conspiracy, i hope. it 
>costs a lot more to buy the UK editions of books, but i am 
>impatient. and i prefer to get the home edition of a book, because 
>publishers often fiddle around with 'em a bit (or more than a bit.)

This is a bit odd.    I went onto last night, and saw 
all the 7 Aprils, and didn't even notice that the hardcover 
HarperCollins was shipping in 2 to 3 days (unless it just changed 
from not yet published - it's still saying April 7).  Maybe it's 
because I was wondering at the 9 pounds sterling price for a 
children's paperback, which is pretty outrageous, while the hardcover 
is only 10.50 or something.  Also, I just hadn't realised it was a 
'children's book'.  Also, *why* release the hardcover and paperback 
at essentially the same time?  Probably more to the point - why am I 
trying to make sense of the ways of publishers?


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