Merlin Conspiracy out early!

christian nutt ferricide at
Thu Mar 27 02:00:22 EST 2003

>From: "Elizabeth Evans"
>tell me they won't be able to get a copy until JUNE! I could order it from
>, but the postage is prohibitive. It will be cheaper to

on a whim after reading this i visited the merlin conspiracy 
"ships in 2-3 days" ... into cart, click click click, soon enough i will be 
enjoying the merlin conspiracy, i hope. it costs a lot more to buy the UK 
editions of books, but i am impatient. and i prefer to get the home edition 
of a book, because publishers often fiddle around with 'em a bit (or more 
than a bit.)

so, i self-justified it. hey, the whole reason i have a job is so i can make 
disposable income to spend on things like new DWJ books. they don't happen 
so often! i can afford to treat myself.


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