Ender's Game

hallieod at indigo.ie hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Mar 26 16:43:17 EST 2003

Way too late for the discussion, but I finished this recently and had 
a question.  IIRC, both Melissa and Dorian said at some stage that 
_Ender's Game_ wasn't a YA book, and possibly that Card himself had 
said so.  As I read his comments in the introduction, it certainly 
seemed at least implied that he did consider it written for a YA 
audience, though not necessarily exclusively.  Interestingly, the 
copy which was released over this side of the world as a YA book 
didn't contain the introduction.

So I was just wondering - aside from the obvious (too violent and 
grim for younger kids) - what was it that made people consider this 
an adult book?  Not even entirely un-topical, because of the Deep 
Secret mangling and re-issuing.

My reaction, fwiw, was mixed:  I was gripped and moved, would 
recommend it (and am pushing it on Becca!) but also found some 
elements quite disturbing.  And I think I'd have liked more had I not 
read the introduction, parts of which I found really off-putting. 
On the other hand, I may be moving more in-line with list 
sensibilities, as I got a loan of The Book of Jhereg from a 
Bookcrossing friend and really liked Jhereg.  :-)

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