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Denise DeGraf mustang at sonic.net
Wed Mar 26 16:16:13 EST 2003

Melissa Proffitt danced around singing:
>Anyone else name their cars?

Yep!  My first car was Chief, a red El Camino from 1976 named after the dog 
in "Fox and the Hound."  Next was Bullet, the plum El Camino of 1978, named 
after a black horse in a book I'd read as a child... Now I'm driving Tully, 
a crimson Subaru Legacy sedan from 1994.  That one is after rock band 
Jethro Tull, because it was my father's car before he put 200,000 miles on 
it and gave it to me as a birthday present -- we both love to go see JTull 
together.  :^)

I also name all of my computers, laptops, and handhelds, usually after 
characters from books.  Right now I have a Sony Clie called Maree that has 
a memory stick called Rupert inside her (*evil snicker*), and I'm typing 
this on my Sony VAIO notebook Mordion.  *grin*

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