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Philip.Belben at eme.co.uk Philip.Belben at eme.co.uk
Wed Mar 26 10:30:41 EST 2003

I have just this minute caught up with the list again.  Too much traffic!
Rather appropriate to a discussion on cars :-)

Jackie, replying to Sally:

> My car is a 1978 Datsun 280Z that my Dad bought for me when I was 16.
> I've driven it for 17 years now. It's the only car I have ever owned and
> it is just about to turn over 400,000 miles (it is on its second engine


> My husband's car is a 1967 VW squareback that is our other general use
> car.  In fact, now that my car is feeling under the weather, the VW is
> not only squiring Wade around, but me too.  We have no idea how many
> miles it has on it, but we have had to put in two or three engines in
> just the couple of years that we have owned it.

A few years ago, I would have been putting in a bid on this.  Anthea, my main
car (and for most of the time my only car) from 1990 to 1995, was a Ford Anglia,
manufactured in 1965.  I was very lucky to get a car so old with only 25 kmi on
the clock (2000 mi/yr).  I drove her at about 10000 mi/yr - including one
memorable trip to Munich - until the engine started getting unreliable.

By then I had bought Marjorie, my truck, so I decided I no longer needed an
estate car.  I traded Anthea in part exchange for a sports car (A 1971 Marcos
Mantis, which turned out to be far more unreliable, and is still sitting in my
backyard waiting for me to finish the repairs I started in 1996).

But today, my car (modern - a 7-year-old Peugeot) is at home, and I came to work
in Marjorie.  She is a 1948 Fordson, but  unfortunately doesn't qualify, since I
only use her on "high days and holidays".  I've just had the engine rebuilt -
twice - at some expense, and I am driving her very carefully to run it in.

ObDWJ, Anthea was named after two literary characters.  The heroine of Heyer's
"The Unknown Ajax", and Awful Sykes.  And yes, when I had a Morris Marina, she
was called Sempronia.  She didn't even last the drive home :-(


PS rather than increase the traffic with a separate post, I'll say here that to
me the orange beetle with black spots is called a Ladybird.  One word, but bird
not bug.  Like Erich Pasold's (?sp) publishing house.  One elderly local woman
once told me that to her it was a Ladycow.  Don't know how widespread that was.

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