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Mon Mar 24 12:13:03 EST 2003

>I learned this morning that the same thing's happened to me! My book about a
>girl who finds she's got a doppelganger has been put back six months by
>Harpercollins because it turns out that Bloomsbury are just about to publish
>a book by Catherine MacPhail about... a girl who find she has a
>doppelganger. Even one of the characters' names is the same, darn it.

That's got to be the stupidest decision imaginable!  Do you think 
there's any chance your outraged readership might manage to say so 
more clearly than you could, or is it set in stone now?  (Serious 
question, btw.)

>So my book about doppelgangers has a doppelganger of its own. Some, I know,
>might find this deliciously ironic, but to me it tastes like cold sprouts.

None would find the irony 'delicious' unless it was applying to their 
worst enemy!


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