Charles Butler hannibal at
Mon Mar 24 08:07:58 EST 2003

Me, a long time ago, re. Catherine Storr:
I always thought it was a strange coincidence that her best-known book,
Marianne Dreams, was published the same year (1958) as Tom's Midnight
Garden - they have an awful lot in common.

I learned this morning that the same thing's happened to me! My book about a
girl who finds she's got a doppelganger has been put back six months by
Harpercollins because it turns out that Bloomsbury are just about to publish
a book by Catherine MacPhail about... a girl who find she has a
doppelganger. Even one of the characters' names is the same, darn it.

So my book about doppelgangers has a doppelganger of its own. Some, I know,
might find this deliciously ironic, but to me it tastes like cold sprouts.
Excuse me while I give me if I give vent to a primal scream or two...


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