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meredith meredith at
Sun Mar 23 17:33:05 EST 2003

I was expecting Andrew who wrote the article to reply to this, but maybe
he's off-list at the moment. He said his article was about Miyazagi and was
looking at the fact that Miyazagi's latest film Spirited Away is up for an
Oscar in the best animation category. I suspect that since the Oscars are
tonight, the Guardian won't now be running the article (unless of course
Spirited Away wins, then they might change the article a bit and run it next

cheers, Meredith

on 20/3/03 01:42 am, Ven at vendersleighc at wrote:

> Hallie wrote
> <Ven, were you by any wild
> chance looking for the DWJ article Meredith said
> would be published,
> or is the Guardian just your usual paper?  I
> still want to know if
> that article was ever published and can't find an
> answer anywhere.>
> Yes it's my usual paper and yes I have been
> looking in vain for that article. I'll post when
> it appears.

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