On names, changing them, and origins

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> Before anyone else gets any more bright ideas, I should 
> point out that I was kidding: the Plateau of Leng 
> doesn't actually exist except in a novel by H. P. 
> Lovecraft. Sorry.
> And you probably wouldn't be able to go there, anyway: he 
> deliberately set it in a remote and inhospitable part of 
> Antarctica which at the time was completely unknown and 
> even now has only been visited once, by a dedicated 
> scientific expedition. I recommend you to stay home and 
> read the memoirs instead. :)
> The record of the fictional expedition is
>  _At the Mountains of Madness_ by H. P. Lovecraft.
> The record of the real expedition is
>  _Mountains of Madness: a scientist's odyssey in 
> Antarctica_  by John Long.
> (The expedition took one novel to while away the long 
> Antarctic nights. Guess what it was.)
> Paul

Not the first time in my life I've felt gullible.  In fact, it's a very familiar 
feeling.  =)

Thanks for the book recs!

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