Charles Butler hannibal at
Fri Mar 21 02:07:21 EST 2003

> b) that it was on the L.A.W.'s site that you found that
>    witness statement about the L.A.W. in the first place.
I don't suppose this is very interesting for anyone else, but for what it's
worth... I found the first article serendipitously - in fact I was looking
for material by Ronald Hutton (whom I'm going to hear lecture on the history
of European magic next month). Though it's quite interesting in itself,
there's nothing in it to suggest that it's part of the warband site (e.g. no
'Click here to return to the homepage', etc), and not everyone is as
assiduous as you in reading URLs. So I thought it would be useful to mention
the existence of the site proper as well.

Sorry it was an old version


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