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> Otter:
> >Alert as I usually am for homophobia, and suspicious as I
> > may [or may not] be of Mr. Card, I just can't get stressed 
> about his  
> >use of the word.
> Glad to hear it, and as I haven't even read the book I'm very 
> happy to accept your judgement (and Jacob's). The phrase does 
> read oddly to British eyes, though (mine, anyway), because 
> bug in the sense of insect isn't that common here, except as 
> an Americanism, whereas bugger in the sense of homosexual is. 
> (Which reminds me - I've always wondered why LBJ's wife 
> wasn't known as Ladybug Johnson - any ideas?)
> I'm trying to think of an equivalent that would work the 
> other way. The best I can come up with is, a hypothetical 
> anti-smoking campaign that used 'Get Rid of All Fags!' as its 
> slogan. How would that play across the Pond?

Not at all well.  It's almost unknown to use 'fag' in a non-gay man sense.
It's probably even worse because it's an undiluted slur and doesn't even
have the pseudo-saving grace of potentially not referring to a person.  It
isn't an expletive or activity and pretty much would *only* refer to a gay

Jacob Proffitt

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