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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 19 14:55:17 EST 2003

--- Margaret Ball <margaret at onr.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> >> but overhearing this
> >> conversation I couldn't help wondering about a
> (possibly?) homophobic 
> >> writer
> >> creating a civilisation called Bugger.
> >
> > I'm not sure how long the slang has been in
> existence, but Ender's 
> > Game is *old* (relative to Card's age).  I believe
> Card wrote it in 
> > college or soon after.  It was then republished in
> novel form, later.
> > -RDG 
> The slang's been around a lot longer than that,
> several hundred years 
> minimum....I'm not sure how long it took "Bulgar" to
> mutate to "Bugger", 
> but it got its start with the church ascribing "vile
> practices" to 
> heretics who were thought to come from Bulgaria.

Its original use was just heretic, and was especially
applied to the Albigensians, from association with the
Bulgar people (from before they settled in current
Bulgaria). The modern homosexual meaning has been
around since at least the 16th century however, a few
years before OSC's time.

Jon - who always though that the most unfortunately
named ancient people were the Volga Bulgars

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