Ender's Game (mild spoilers)

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On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 15:57:56 -0500, Rebecca Ganetzky wrote:

>>About anti-Semitism, I seem to remember that the comment about Jewish
>>generals is made not authorially, but by one of the characters.  You simply
>>can't hold the author responsible for the beliefs of his characters, or no
>>author would be able to write villains or stupid people.

>I wouldn't have said anything if I thought that the comment about 
>Jewish generals was made by a character, but IMO, it was an objective 
>observation of a character about something that was a given fact in 
>the history of Card's world.

I still say that if it's a character making observations about the world,
it's not de facto anti-Semitism on the part of the author.  You could still
make the argument that the author is airing his views by hiding behind the
character, but my feeling is that calling an author--a real person--an
anti-Semite is a pretty strong accusation and ought to be made with great
care.  (This is a general statement, because you, Rebecca, didn't do this;
I'm sort of looking at the broader picture of how anti-Semitism, racism,
misogyny etc. are depicted in fiction, and how we react.)

Actually Gili already said the next thing I was going to say, which is that
if you personally feel uncomfortable about a book, or feel that it contains
hints of certain bigotries, then you are right to steer clear of it.  Sheri
Tepper has written some great books in which I personally think she's
slamming my religion.  I don't have any evidence that this is her intent
(just rumors heard second- or third-hand) so I don't go around calling her
an anti-Mormon, but it makes me wary of her books in general.

I wanted to talk about the Azandi in _A Sudden Wild Magic_, but it's been
too long since I read it.  My only memory is that the black woman from Earth
was angry because of the difference between how black women were treated on
Earth vs. how they were respected on Arth.

Melissa Proffitt

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