The Master

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Mar 19 12:19:39 EST 2003


. ************SPOILER************** In my understanding, the idea
> behind the story was that someone was doing some screwy experiments
> transferring wolves into human bodies and trying to make them act like
> people - maybe an Island of Dr. Moreau type thing - and the experiment
> very wrong when the person who had once been a wolf and was still mostly
> wolf by nature turned on the experimentors, just as he does at the vet in
> the end, perhaps again motivated by jealousy over his mate... or something
> along those lines. I'd be curious if anyone here has a different
> interpretation.

That sounds a pretty plausible way of making sense of the events in the
story (though it's a female wolf that turns on the vet). I don't know if all
the bits you'd need to deduce that are IN the story, mind, but it's
compatible with it at least!


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