The Master

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Wed Mar 19 06:47:07 EST 2003

>All the same, I'm not sure how effectively this dream has
been translated into Art. I'd feel a lot happier if I had any idea who/what
the Master was meant to be.

I should really go back and read the story before responding, but I'm 
writing on stolen time as it is... this story always disturbed me, and it is 
unresolved. I really want to know more about the why's and who's behind the 
story. But as far as I understand, the Master is quite simply no longer 
alive. ************SPOILER************** In my understanding, the idea 
behind the story was that someone was doing some screwy experiments 
transferring wolves into human bodies and trying to make them act like 
people - maybe an Island of Dr. Moreau type thing - and the experiment went 
very wrong when the person who had once been a wolf and was still mostly 
wolf by nature turned on the experimentors, just as he does at the vet in 
the end, perhaps again motivated by jealousy over his mate... or something 
along those lines. I'd be curious if anyone here has a different 

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