The Master

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Mar 19 05:50:03 EST 2003

> I think she has said somewhere that it was based on a dream? Presumably a
> nightmare!
> I think the first bit is supposed to be a precognition, so when she goes
> the second time it's really the first but she knows what will happen.

The precognition bit I understand (the same device is used very effectively
in that classic horror film The Dead of Night), but even there I found
myself asking, if she knows what she's going to find when she gets there,
why on earth does she go?

It certainly does feel dreamlike, though. I had wondered whether there was
meant to be a connection between the protagonist's profession as a vet, the
owner's name being Ovett, and the other main character's being call Eggs
(ovi), but perhaps the link was an unconscious one, along Freudian dream
analysis lines. All the same, I'm not sure how effectively this dream has
been translated into Art. I'd feel a lot happier if I had any idea who/what
the Master was meant to be.



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