Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

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> WEll I will believe this when I see it, as there
> have been so many rumours about a new series over
> the years.
> If they do make another Paul McGann story, I really
> hope that they cut out all the complete rubbish
> about the Doctor being half human and kissing his
> assistants. That's Star Trek, not Who.
> So there.
> Rowena
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> From: Jon Noble [mailto:jon_p_noble at]
> Hmmm, apart from some very inteligent writing I
> don't
> see too much in common, but it is interesting to
> note.
> Incidently I see the BBC are intending to make
> another
> Dr Who movie with Paul Macgann for the 40th
> anniversary (November isn't it) and have said a new
> series is possible.
> Jon - very annoyed at the absence of both Dr Who and
> Coupling from Free to air TV. In fact Dr Who was the
> main reason we tried to get satelite TV a couple of
> years ago only to discover that we couldn't get a
> signal - too many trees.

Don't recall where i saw the story, somewhere at least
semi-reliable. I've also remembered that it was going
to be a remake of Shada - I think that's it - the
series that was never shown because of industrial
action at the BBC


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