Childhood favourites (Was Oh the horror!)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Wed Mar 19 04:16:34 EST 2003

> > It sounds familiar to me, but I can't place it. Dr Who
> > though, not Quatermass (unless its both)

I was thinking of the Quatermass Experiment when I mentioned Q, because the
plot is certainly rather similar. But I don't think I saw that until later,
and I may well have superimposed it onto my memory of the earlier nightmare.

> That would be "The Seeds of Doom", one of three Doctor Who stories I
> can think of that fit the description to some degree; all three are
> Tom Baker stories from the seventies however.

My dream (though possibly it was the prophetic kind) was definitely
earlier - by Tom Baker's time I'd emerged from behind the sofa and was
enjoying the in-jokes.

Come to think of it, the episode of Dr Who I found most traumatic was when
Patrick Troughton (the REAL doctor to me - I was too young for William
Hartnell) metamorphosed into Jon Pertwee - I was devastated!

Anyway, thanks to you both for accompanying me on this Fantastic Voyage down
the furred arteries of my subconscious.


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