Gregory Maguire - any good?

Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Wed Mar 19 03:18:14 EST 2003

FWIW, as I'm joining so late:
I have mixed feelings about Gregory Maguire. He's very erudite, has 
interesting ideas, and definitely explores interesting themes. But I find 
his books to be wordy and plodding. "Wicked" I thought built up a lot of 
suspense and then did nothing with it, I found it a very frustrating book to 
read. Plus it is a horrendously bleak book. I did not like it. "Confessions 
of an Ugly Stepsister" I tried reading, only made it about half way through. 
Also bleak, also interesting at first, but again, I grew tired of waiting to 
see where this book was leading me, when the way was so dismal, and with my 
prior experience I wasn't sure I would find I had ended up anywhere, if that 
makes any sense...

Gili Bar-Hillel
Tel-Aviv, tel.(03)5250014

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