Coupling and Steven Moffat (OT)

Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at
Tue Mar 18 20:03:43 EST 2003

I am so upset that the ABC not only took off the series when it was two episodes into the third season, but in the middle of a two-parter!!  What genius decided to do that???

Steven Moffat also wrote the series Press Gang which is Absolutely Brilliant.  My favourite TV series ever in fact.  It is about a group of high school kids who run their own newspaper.  It aired in the early 90s.  I suspect the people on this list would like it as they have such good taste :)  There are rumours of a DVD of the series coming out later this year.

> Jon - very annoyed at the absence of both Dr Who and
> Coupling from Free to air TV. In fact Dr Who was the
> main reason we tried to get satelite TV a couple of
> years ago only to discover that we couldn't get a
> signal - too many trees.

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