Gregory Maguire - any good?

Ulrika Isacsson ulrika.books at
Tue Mar 18 14:58:22 EST 2003

Abigail said:
> Borders in Cambridge has three books of his - _Wicked_, _Confessions of an
> Ugly Stepsister_, and _Lost_.  They sound like the kind of thing I enjoy,
> and I'd snap one up like a shot to see if I like it, only... they're trade
> paperbacks.  Priced at about ten pounds each.  And I need a really good
> reason to spend that much on a book by an author I've never tried.

> Every time I've tried a new author thanks to recommendations from this list,
> it's been a success.  (Garth Nix, Megan Whalen Turner, Judith Merkle Riley,
> Georgette Heyer...) So if anyone here thinks he's worth the ten pounds, that
> would constitute a really good reason.  Similarly, if everyone dislikes his
> books, that would be a superb disincentive.
> So... any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Abigail.

I've actually only tried one of his books, _Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister_. I bought it coz I also thought that it sounded really interesting. I have to say that I couldn't finish it. Can't say why really, but I never got hooked on the story. If I still had it I'd send it to you, but I sold it to a second hand book store some months ago since I'd rather use my book case for books that I like.


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