Ender's Game (mild spoilers)

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---Original Message From: Megan Knight
> Card has also been criticised extensively for his defense of 
> his church's homophobic stance, and for his own writings on 
> the subject of homosexuality. Although he claims to simply be 
> following his church's teachings, and tries to downplay his 
> homophobia, he has himself written some nasty stuff, meant 
> only for the eyes of his fellow mormons 
> (http://www.bibble.org/gay/phobia/orson_scott_card_hates.html)
> . The material on this subject on his website, www.hatrack.com seems to
have disappeared.

Never trust agenda-driven representations of what someone believes.  You
wouldn't want it to happen to you, so it isn't polite to let it pass for
others.  And I'd want a better clarification of charged words like
"homophobic" among other things--I don't fear men (or people, or anything
else that is meant by "homo"), but I'm at least as Mormon as Card is.  In
fact, Card's article that is being used there was *not* written expressly
for Mormons.  Sunstone is a forum that is specifically targeted towards
skeptics and scholars.  Further, it has become skewed towards those either
on the fringe of Mormon scholarship or directly antagonistic to it.  As
such, he was hardly trying to pass anything under the radar and the
implication is insulting to his integrity and willingness to articulate a
position as carefully as he can even when he knows his audience will be
looking for every little possible flaw.  Not to mention that it was
published over 12 years ago and a whole lot can change in that amount of

> All in all, I think he is losing it as a writer, which is a pity, his
short stories remain some of the best and creepiest I have ever read.

Well, that may be the case regardless.  But if he is, it is coming as his
writing actually diverges farther from issues considered "safe" by his LDS

Jacob Proffitt

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