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I'm finding this discussion of his change as a writer interesting because I 
have only read one of his books, the Sarah one (or the first Sarah one, if 
there are more). I found the book readable but dull. The story of Sarah and 
Hagar has been retold a lot by feminist writers because they obviously find 
some interesting root ideas and conflicts in it. One of the best versions I 
have read is a short story by Sarah Maitland in her collection "Book of 
Spells". I highly recommend the whole book, actually. There's also, I 
think, a whole short story collection by various authors which is all 
retellings of Sarah's story. Anyway, my reaction to  Card's book was that 
given there were so many good and interesting literary versions around, I 
didn't really understand what he was doing from a writerly perspective with 
such a straight (if not pedestrian) retelling. This is quite aside from 
whatever personal or religious reasons he might have had.

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