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Mon Mar 17 17:01:22 EST 2003


Two different people have now written to me asking if it's appropriate
to share the following information, and I've decided that I will take
the heat off of them by sharing it myself.

The information in question: Diana Wynne Jones has signed a petition of
children's authors who are against the war.

The reason I think it's appropriate here: this is a Diana Wynne Jones
mailing list.  This is DWJ in the news.  It's perfectly sensible to
announce her activities on this list.

Discussion which would be completely appropriate for the list, but from
which I am asking people to refrain anyway, for now: Whether or not it
is appropriate/meaningful for a children's writer to make a public
statement of her opposition to a war; Whether or not DWJ's stance on
this war sheds new light on her work; Whether or not we feel we can see
this stance in her work; and similar questions.

Why I am asking people to refrain from this form of discussion: we all
know that those of us on this list have a wide range of opinions about
politics.  I believe that if we were to have these conversations on this
mailing list, they would probably take place more coherently and with
far more mutual respect that almost anywhere else on the Internet -- no
ad hominem attacks on each other here!  But I've really rather not open
up that can of worms right now.  When all this is over, and tempers are
running cooler, I would love to have these discussions.  I think they
would actually be fairly interesting.  But let's hold off for just

(If people in general disagree, and would like to have these
conversations with one another, let me know privately, and I will set up
a secondary mailing list -- DWJ-people, or something -- so these
conversations can take place without being disruptive to the general
list.  Or you can just e-mail people privately.)


Endlessly optimistic that the world really is a decent place,
deborah at suberic.net
Sir! I protest! I am _not_ a merry man!
		--lt. worf

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