On changing names - about as OT as you can get

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Mon Mar 17 15:05:31 EST 2003

>> Sallyo. (who once considered telemarketing when more than usually 
>> broke but
>> never got as far as applying...)
> I have to admit that I took a job as a telemarketer last year, when I 
> was in desperate need of money. However, I soon discovered my need for 
> money did not justify enduring the horrors of the job (most people 
> were nice, I just hated intruding on them and am not a pushy person). 
> So I left as soon as I could - after three weeks: one week of work, 
> plus two weeks notice. Ah well, I got a lot of funny stories, and some 
> money out of the experience!
> Emma.

My responses to telemarketers are usually (but alas, not always) 
tempered by the awareness that they probably hate it as much as I do.
My younger daughter's first job was similar to telemarketing, she was 
one of those annoying people who hang around a mall waving clipboards 
and trying to get people to take surveys. She HATED it and quit as soon 
as she could find honest work, but we too got some good stories - my 
favorite was the day she came home ticked off because she'd been 
assigned to survey men between 35 and 45, which is an all but impossible 
assignment since any man in that range who finds himself in a shopping 
mall desires only to get out of there as fast as possible. She finally 
got ONE guy....and the cops came and arrested him halfway through the 
survey! It seems he'd been spotted shoplifting and thought the survey 
office would be a good place to hide out.

Margaret Ball

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