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Ven said...
> Me on Martin Waddell/Catherine Sefton
> > Apparently the publishers
> > thought his kind of fiction would sell better
> > with a female name. He's Northern Irish and I
> > definitly iinclude him amopng Irish writers.
> Dorian
> He's indeed Northern Irish, from the
> Donaghadee/Newcastle area in Co. Down.
> I don't classify him as Irish, because in my
> head, "Irish" implies that
> either the author is a citizen of the Republic,
> or the story draws heavily
> on Irish myth/folklore.  CS/MW sets the stories
> in British-ruled Northern
> Ireland, but (in those I've read, anyway), leaves
> the myth/folklore alone -
> the stories could possibly take place almost
> anywhere, whereas something
> like "The Hounds of the Morrigan" could *only*
> happen in Ireland.  (I know
> this sort of contradicts my claim that Osc.Wilde
> is Irish, but he's, like, a
> Classic Author and goes by different rules. :-)
> )
> Well, that's interesting, I feel that MW's books
> have a definite Irish feel to them (Northern
> Irish), the countryside, the characters, the
> culture, it couldn't be anywhere else. To set
> them somewhere else would profoundly alter their
> essence. I mean you can set just about any plot
> just about anywhere but not without producing a
> different work.

And that's something *I* find interesting. :-)  It's always fun to read a
book set somewhere you've been, of course, and being half-Northern-Irish
myself I've visited the areas he uses as setting more than once (my
grandparents lived in Lisburn).  But I never felt a sense of "home-ness"
reading his books, unlike reading, say Pat O'Shea or Patricia Lynch or Orla
Melling.  I always sort of felt that "In A Blue Velvet Dress" could probably
have been just as easily set in some small seaside town in northern England,
or Scotland, or Wales - the only place I *can't* put it is southern England,
for some reason.  But this, of course, may be just an indication that I'm
not *that* familiar with Northern Ireland - or that it's been too long since
I read that book!

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