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Mon Mar 17 06:20:05 EST 2003

For those who don't read Neil Gaiman's blog 
(, there was an interesting 
section on March 13 that refers to those bits in _Deep Secret_ based on Gaiman.

 >i once took an online 'neil gaiman purity test' and one of the questions 
was 'do you know what the >connection is between neil gaiman and diana 
wynne jones?' assuming the answer wasn't 'i really like >both their works,' 
i don't know - and i have always wondered. can you fill me in?

 >I'm not sure which one they meant, to be honest. I dedicated Books of 
Magic to Diana (and three other witches), >she dedicated Hexwood to me, 
whereupon I wrote a poem about it which you may be able to find by 
searching for >her name on the search function (as I put up on this blogger 
a while ago). She put me, as me, on a panel at the >convention in Deep 
Secrets, and gave a breakfasty thing that had happened to both of us to a 
character in the >same book (I was the one who ate the breakfast in 
question. Not a morning person). I got her a griffin for her >birthday last 
year. My family flew on a plane to Minneapolis with Diana once, and I got 
to experience her famous >travel jinx at first hand. Diana told me a couple 
of years ago that I was the first adult who wasn't either a teacher or >a 
children's librarian to tell her, back in 1984 or 85, that I loved her 
books, which still makes me happy. I started >reading The Magicians of 
Caprona to Maddy tonight. Pick any answer or none.

The next day, this was added:

 >The FAQer didn't quite remember the question properly. It wasn't how 
Gaiman and Jones >are related, it's "Do you know the relation between 
Stardust and Howl's Moving Castle?"

 >Oh. Right. That's a completely different matter. (The answer, of course, 
is John Donne. Or part of >the answer...)


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