Book recommendation list Part II

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Mon Mar 17 05:59:22 EST 2003

Melissa wrote:
> > I'ma little leery of including Mercedes Lackey, myself, and a 
> > few others, butI'm saving that commentary for later.
Hallie wrote:
> Youch.  Can I leave the virtual country when the free-for-all breaks 
> out?  Or should I just be my usual argumentative self, as there are 
> more than a few I wouldn't recommend if paid for it. :-/

Oh, yeah, argue, that's always fun to watch :)

I was one of the ones who recommended Lackey, so I thought I'd defend it a
bit. I wouldn't recommend her to an adult who liked YA, I don't think
there's much *to* her books- not to mention that the Tough Guide is
practically Cliff's Notes for Valdemar. But as a teenager I really liked
them. I think being Chosen by a Companion, like Impressing a dragon in
McCaffrey's books, is a very pleasant fantasy for teenagers who feel
misunderstood (ie, all teenagers- but possibly bookish ones tend to be on
the loner side.) (These days my response to being told "you will never be
alone again" would be horror!) I read a wide range of things from classic to
trash in my young days and it didn't do me any harm. <twitch, gibber> 
I sort of think that anything that people enjoy reading, that keeps them
thinking of finding pleasure in books, is a good thing. (Although I also
think that people who never read anything but unthreatening, mediocre
Missing Heir Saves World stuff are missing the point, so what do I know?)
I was 13 or 14 when I read the second Arrows book, hadn't had a boyfrind,
and found the sex fine- I do agree that it depends a great deal on the
individual, but I think most teenagers, even from sheltered families, see TV
and films with pretty graphic content. I'd probably recommend the books to
most mid-teens readers except if I knew sex or violence really bothered
them. Lackey would never be the only thing I suggested- I'd give them a list
of, say, half a dozen or ten authors, with a mixture of fluff and things to
stretch the mind.
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