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Mon Mar 17 05:56:25 EST 2003

As long as we're OT, just had to chip in with my favorite telemarketing 
This happened to friend of mine. He was watching "Seinfeld", and apparantly, 
there's an episode where Jerry Seinfeld gets called by a telemarketer. On 
the show, Seinfeld apologizes and says he's too busy to take the call right 
now, but will happily call her later if she gives him her home phone number. 
The telemarketer does not want to cooperate with this plan, and Seinfeld 
says to her, pointedly, "what's the matter, you don't LIKE it when complete 
strangers call you at home and start chatting you up?" Or something along 
those lines.
So, predictable, shortly after this episode was aired in Israel, my friend 
gets a call from a female telemarketer. He decides to try the Seinfeld 
strategy on her. He's halfway through asking for her phone number, when she 
stops him and says, "okay, I get it. You watched Seinfeld too..."

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