Ender's Game (mild spoilers)

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Jacob elucidated...
> Well, my ego is big enough that I don't mind answering for, well, *some*
> Mormons :).  We catch a lot of flack from feminist groups for a number of
> things.  Official church position being one.  Official statements vis a
> women is often misunderstood.  Officially, *mothers* are encouraged to
> home to raise the kids.  We don't so much care if women stick to
> feminine roles as that children have a resident care-taker.

Okay, so I was over-generalising rather in my original remark.  I apologise,
and thank you for the explication.
> And don't judge Orson Scott Card too quickly.  Not all the characters
> for his actual position on things and you'll find him hard to pigeon hole
> because his writing is so well layered.  You can't really make assumptions
> based on his religion because while he *is* a devout Mormon, and very
> faithful, he can hardly be called a representative member.  His politics
> very different from your average Mormon (assuming you can find an average
> Mormon), for example (though, really, member political affiliations are
> undergoing rather seismic shifts lately).

Well, I wasn't trying to judge Mr. Card (whom I have met, and he is a really
really nice man, btw); my intent was a sort of half-assed attempt to explain
a percieved misogyny in "Ender's Game".  I'm not myself entirely certain
that that misogyny exists (see my previous post about paranoia in book
recommendations), but I was aiming at trying to see how a writer's own
background can inform and colour his/her writing.  We all have our own
conscious and unconscious assumptions about how the world works, and that's
bound to come out to some extent in our fiction.

And while I'm not saying it's true in OSC's case, it's certainly possible
that someone whose society encourages women to be mothers, and mothers to be
primary caregivers, might assume that women are no use as soldiers (note I'm
also not saying that Mormons encourage women to be mothers; I don't know
whether they do or not.  This here is hypothesis).

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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