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Charles Butler hannibal at
Sun Mar 16 11:01:32 EST 2003

> What Margery Allingham did, so as to avoid the ageless character, was to
> make her hero her own age.  So it was relatively easy for her to age him.

Alan Garner once mentioned that the gap between his own age and those of his
protagonists tended to remain fairly constant - roughly 15 years, maybe? -
so that Colin and Susan (Weirdstone and Gomrath) are younger than Roland
(Elidor), who's younger again than Alison, Roger and Gwyn in The Owl
Service. Mind you, there seems to be a less-than-six-year gap between those
1967 characters and the 1973 teenagers of Red Shift, and once you get to
Strandloper the whole system goes out of the window. But I don't think
Garner was implying this was a conscious working technique on his part so
much as a post hoc insight into his own unconscious motivations.


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