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> And I could 
> probably keep my objections to Raol Dahl (MUCH as I
> dislike him!  Ok, 
> just saying it now, so I can keep it polite later)
> to the fact that 
> he is read by far younger kids than teens, around
> here at least. 
> Cara (who also dislikes him muchly!  Ahem.  Just
> sort of clearing the 
> system) was force-fed -er - I mean made to read -
> one last go - 
> Cara's class read Dahl when she was in 1st class
> (age 6), and again 
> (though only one more, IIRC) in 2nd class.

Roald Dahl is, and has been for at least 20 years now,
immensly popular with pre-teens here. He would have to
be one of the top three or four authors all through
that time. Teens, in my experience, tend to read him
out of nostalgia, they find him on the library shelf
when looking for something and start reading. My Sarah
went as characters from Roald Dahl to her last two
Book Week Parades (a delightful institution in Oz
primary schools when books are celebrated, the
Children's Book of the Year is awarded and each school
has a parade when children dress up as characters from
their favourite books). One year she and a friend went
as The Witches and the next as The Twits. She would
have been 9 and 10 at the time.


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