Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sat Mar 15 19:53:25 EST 2003

>Oh, I do try to remember that it's not their fault they work for Satan.
>Unless I am in a very crabby mood, I usually give them the benefit of one
>refusal.  If they try to continue selling after I've said 'no' one time,
>that's it.  Besides, where I live, it's illegal for them to continue after
>the first refusal...I should probably threaten to sue them or something
>instead of getting angry.

I like to mess with their minds. My husband admires me because I often 
manage to get telemarketers to hang up on me. Not by being rude, but by 
disrupting their scripts and using big words. Plus now that I live in 
Canada, I talk with an accent, and they can't cope. My favourite opening 
gambit with medical charities is to say "soliciting funds for medical 
research diverts badly-needed money from literature and the arts". It's fun 
to see whether they are willing to engage in this debate and try to change 
my mind.

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