Book recommendation list Part II

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sat Mar 15 19:19:07 EST 2003

>Urr, wouldn't that be the last volume?  The middle one is all with the being
>snowed in and the fairly tasteful First Sexual Experience.  And I wouldn't
>have said the torture in Book 3 was all *that* graphic, really.  IIRC
>there's a little beginning bit and then a skipped over part that ends with
>something like "when they crushed her feet, she couldn't even scream".  I'll
>grant you that I wouldn't push that book, alone, on a teen - but if, say, a
>14-year-old had read the first book and enjoyed it, I'd pass on books 2 and
>3, with the warning (to teen and parents) that the other two contain stuff
>that might be uncomfortable.

It's all quite tame compared to Tamora Pierce's "Circle Opens" series, 
which has graphic murders of children in almost every book. Supposedly 
these are for younger readers than the Alana and "Page" series, which I 
don't understand at all.

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