telemarketers... & thongs

johanna johanna at
Sat Mar 15 17:23:19 EST 2003

> I'll tell you something else that will work in Utah.  Or any of the
> other United States of America.  When there's a break in their
> relentless flow of cheer, say:  'Please put this number on your
> don't-call list.'

You can put your household on a statewide "do not call" list, too (& I
believe they're working on a USA-wide one). We did that & hardly ever get
telemarketers. & if they do call you, it's illegal & I think technically
they can be prosecuted for violating it.

We got one of those annoying ones the other day where they leave a message
on your machine that's just a recording telling you how you're eligible
for this vacation package. I called back & the recording there said "If
you want off of our list, please leave your number." I did, & told them
(nicely!) I was on the do not call list, & therefore it was illegal for
them to call me. Hopefully they got the point. :P


P.S. Re: another message you just sent about thongs--I sense a parting of
ways, pronunciation-wise--"thong" is for both undies & shoes to me! Last
summer my boss sent out an organization-wide e-mail reminding everyone
that even though it's really hot out, we have a dress code, & no thongs
were allowed... causing much snickering, because no one I know really
calls the shoes "thongs" (we just say flip-flops). But it also coincided
w/this crazy news story where some teacher who didn't want her high school
girls to wear thongs to the prom apparently made them flip up their skirts
(in line to get into the prom!!) to check--so some of us did think we were
getting chewed out for our underwear. ^_~

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