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Sat Mar 15 15:31:59 EST 2003


>      What is 'bookring'?  And DS is still available here in 
>NY/US/NA, so I could buy you a copy and send it if needed...

A bookring is like a round robin - a book gets sent to everyone who 
has told the original organiser that they'd like to read it, and ends 
up back with the owner.  A book ray (what I started with my extra 
copies of Howl and Hexwood) is similar but doesn't come back to the 
original sender.  It's very kind of you to offer a copy, but I really 
think it's ok.  Even if I don't ever get the book back, it wouldn't 
really be the end of the world - Becca has a copy signed to her, and 
I could pull maternal rank.  :-)  No, don't worry, I'd never do that! 

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