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Sat Mar 15 15:11:49 EST 2003

> Oh, I do try to remember that it's not their fault they work for Satan. 
> Unless I am in a very crabby mood, I usually give them the benefit of one 
> refusal. 
I just quickly cut in with "Sorry, not interested. Thank you very much." and 
hang up. Why waste their time and mine by letting a dud call drag on?
> It's the delberate nuisance calls that are the real problem. Those are as 
likely as not to have targeted you on purpose. (I'm remembering an incident 
back in the mid-'80s when I still had call-forwarding as part of a package to 
get call-waiting. I got a heavy breather for Christmas. After about his 
thrird try I forwarded my calls to the police station for the rest of the 
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