On changing names - about as OT as you can get

Denise DeGraf mustang at sonic.net
Sat Mar 15 12:25:10 EST 2003

Otter Perry danced around singing:
>And Margaret Ball wrote:
> > I"m sure it is different! I went to a massively sprawling state
> > university that would need an alumni encyclopedia if it kept updating
> > name changes or anything else.
>Mmmmm, yes.  My graduating class was about 50.

Wow...  I can't imagine being at a school that small.  We have several 
hundred graduates per major -- luckily each department holds its own 
graduation...  Only big downside is that due the sheer number of 
commencement ceremonies and final exams held by the school, it's fairly 
common to "walk" a couple of weeks before one has actually turned in a 
thesis or taken tests required for graduation.  :^/

My signature quote below expresses basically how I feel at a school that 
large... *snicker*

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