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Sat Mar 15 11:49:55 EST 2003

Maybe you should have said 'English or Irish Breakfast, milk on the side, 
please'... :-}    Now me, I hate Earl Grey (don't like bergamot) and pale 
green/herbal has no caffeine, which is the reason why Some Benevolent Power 
invented coffee, tea, and chocolate...oh, yes, theobromine also is A Gift To 

I am feeling pretty mellow today.  Last night I had closure on my 
retirement--The Party.  About 40 former co-workers and friends got together 
for a dinner and gifts and maudline sentimentality.  I got a gold watch... 
No, really; I seldom wear jewelry except at medieval events, and I wanted a 
watch to wear there that wasn't a SWATCH or plastic.  Finally convinced 
co-workers that I didn't want any kind of jewelry, so they got me a lovely 
watch on a chain.  Now I need a weskit pocket to secure it in.  (Also, it's 
sunny after weeks of grey/snow/gray/sleet; supposedly going up to 50 

I'm so relaxed....

Devra Langsam
devra at aol.com
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