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Sat Mar 15 10:45:50 EST 2003

"Ian W. Riddell" wrote:

> I know that this is nitpicky (and touchy), but, technically
> Argentinians, Canadians, and Ecuadorians are American as well, not
> just those folks who live in the US. Unfortunatley, there's not a
> good adjective (USians?) for the citizens of the United States that
> does not negate the existence of the millions of people who don't
> live in that country.

Absolutely.  There's a whole hemisphere of Americans, for crying
out loud, and, as I pointed out before, there is even another US
in North American -- Mexico.  [Yes, Mexico is in North America.]

There just isn't a good term.  On various Pratchett lists, people
from the USofA have been referred to as 'USAliens', 'Tisoftheeans',
and 'Merkins'.  I find 'USAlien' satisfactory myself.  

['Tisoftheeans' requires some knowledge of that song that folk 
in the USofA sing to the tune of 'God Save the Queen'.  It goes:
 My country, tis of thee,
 Sweet land of liberty,
 Of thee I sing.]  
> I know that it's touchy of me to bring this up and I know that people
> on this list realize that Canada exists separately from the U.S., but
> those of us raised as Canucks are a little paranoid when it comes to
> being subsumed in "The Land of the Free". Call it an adverse reaction
> to Manifest Destiny!

Okay by me.  And I'm a USAlien.  Of course, I've spent time in that
part of the lower 48 where Canada is due south.

> Could we perhaps refer to the country of origin (U.S., Canada,
> Australia, Sweden) rather than using an adjective (American,
> Canadian, Australian, Swedish)?

It has to be US_A_, don't forget.
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