Book recommendation list Part II

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Sat Mar 15 09:11:48 EST 2003

>  >>This is strictly a first draft, brainstorming session.  The next 
>part is the
>>>giant free-for-all where everyone argues for or agin individual books.  I'm
>>>a little leery of including Mercedes Lackey, myself, and a few others, but
>>>I'm saving that commentary for later.
>>Youch.  Can I leave the virtual country when the free-for-all breaks
>>out?  Or should I just be my usual argumentative self, as there are
>>more than a few I wouldn't recommend if paid for it. :-/
>Hallie, Hallie, how could it possibly become the bloodletting we all want it
>to be if you're not contributing?  :)

LOL.  Recognised at last for the blood-thirsty barbarian I truly am! 
:-)  (Actually, I'm sort of hoping no weird gifts are operating 
around here, pulling down this personality you attribute to me. 
Although I probably could use just a touch more assertiveness in real 
life, I wouldn't trust unidentified magic gifts to give just that 
require small amount!)

>  Besides, if I can stay polite about
>Mercedes Lackey, I know you can be polite about whatever books you're
>adamantly against.  And I promise that I, personally, will not argue with

Thereby neatly removing yourself as potential cause for ANY of the 
blood-letting, eh? :-P  You'll possibly not be TOO sorry to have me 
open my big mouth yet again, as I wouldn't recommend Mercedes Lackey 
to this hypothetical recommendation-seeker either.  And I could 
probably keep my objections to Raol Dahl (MUCH as I dislike him!  Ok, 
just saying it now, so I can keep it polite later) to the fact that 
he is read by far younger kids than teens, around here at least. 
Cara (who also dislikes him muchly!  Ahem.  Just sort of clearing the 
system) was force-fed -er - I mean made to read - one last go - 
Cara's class read Dahl when she was in 1st class (age 6), and again 
(though only one more, IIRC) in 2nd class.

Other authors I really might not feel any need to disparage in any 
way - unless you admit that you're planning to publish this as the 
consensus opinion of the DWJ list or something, in which case - well, 
I just can't think of any wildly aggressive threat.  Maybe I'll get 
my feelings hurt at your ignoring my opinions though.  <pathetic 
sniff>   :-)


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