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Fri Mar 14 23:21:07 EST 2003

Philip Jose Farmer suggested that a whole swag of
fictional characters or their ancestors were
travelling together in 1795 and were affected by the
radiation from a meteorite which gave their special
powers, intelligence and longevity. It certainly
explains how James Bond is no older now than he was 40
years ago.



Margaret Ball <margaret at> wrote:
> >
> > It's particularly bad when you write for
> children... my 1980s teens 
> > should by now be in their 30s, so how can I pick
> them up at still 15? 
> > Either I have to set the story in the 80s - making
> it retro, if not 
> > exactly historical, or else drag them into the
> Noughties, where they, 
> > their attitudes and ideas don't fit...
> >
> Sally,
> Take Antonia Forest's Marlow family for inspiration?
> Look what a time 
> span those books cover - if she'd been too literal
> the original 
> characters would've been grandparents by the end of
> the series!
> -- 
> Margaret Ball

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